McDonald County School Nurses still caring for children during closure

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McDonald County, Mo. — The McDonald County School System is continuing to help its students as much as possible even though they won’t be returning to in-person instruction for the rest of the school year, including the school district’s nurses.

The McDonald County School District have four registered nurses on staff, who are continuing to work with students despite not physically being around their students.”

Suzanne Schmit, Registered Nurse Mcdonald County Schools, said, “The school districts are working hard to provide meals and administration and teachers are working hard to provide whatever resources they can for education to continue. And we thought well we need to be available, too. So we have decided to just put ourselves and be available to our students and provide any assessments that we can.”

Through calls, emails, and even interaction on Facebook, the nurses are able to communicate with families who may need medical assistance.

“Some of our kids get different procedures at school, some of the children take medication at school, and at the very least we needed to contact all of those parents to be sure those kids got whatever medications that we have housed at school, so they could have them at home.”

Suzanne also adds that they aren’t providing medical care, but…

“We would certainly help provide advice whether, you know, is this something you need to see the doctor for, or is this something you can handle at home.”

And still being able to help these families is one thing that Suzanne is proud to be able to do.

“Well It does help a great deal. You know it’s a difficult time for everybody and the entire staff not just the nurses, the administration, the teachers, we’re all missing our kiddos and worried about all of them, you know. Are they getting fed? Are they getting sleep? Are they getting a little exercise? Anby educational enhancement? And so it’s great to be able to reach out to them and possibly hear from some to know they are doing well.”

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