McDonald County girl making masks for healthcare workers

Joplin Area Coronavirus

ANDERSON, Mo. — A girl from McDonald County is taking it upon herself to help fight back against coronavirus.

Tatym Trudreau, said, “Once I made the first one I was like oh they’re not turning out that good. I didn’t think that many people would want them.”

12-year-old Tatym Trudeau is helping her community armor up against the coronavirus.

“I found out that there was like a shortage of masks and then I knew that someone like needed to do something about it and I knew that could be me.”

Her selfless act of creating protective masks directly aligns with her future aspirations.

“Whenever I get older, I want to be a surgeon so I know I know it’s not good for people to not like have stuff to keep them safe when they’re working with different people.”

Tatym says when she told her mom crystal she wanted to make masks, she was ecstatic.

Crystal Keene, Tatym’s Mom, said, “I was excited. She got the sewing machine for her birthday. She’s just been hoarding material. But she hadn’t really used it all yet, you know, and I guess she was just saving it for this perfect moment.”

Tatym has made more than 350 masks so far and has donated them to local OCH Clinics in McDonald County, local businesses, and as far away as California and South Dakota.

Tessa Gingerich, Physician Assistant, OCH Clinic, said, “She’s so selfless. When we got the masks we were extremely thankful to have them because we have a shortage of masks and so we can wear them on top of our disposable masks.”

Crystal: “It’s just really nice to see her want to help people.”

Tatym has received a ton of thank you notes from people she’s helped.

Tatym said, “I would just encourage people to like, if they can, help people like that. Or if they can do it to make more.”

She says she won’t stop until the fight is over.

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