Local movie theatres seeing drop in business

Joplin Area Coronavirus

SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Coronavirus is impacting Missouri businesses. Two movie theaters are seeing a drop in customers.

Nancy Hutson, Owner, Route 66 Movie Theater, said, “You know it’s had good moments and bad moments its been up and down it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.”

Movie theater owners feeling stress from the pandemic. The biggest issue theaters are seeing is a lack of new movies.

“Movie companies have been very interesting to work with. We haven’t really had movies to be able to show because they’re not releasing movies to show because they need it be financially advantageous for them as a movie company.”

That’s not the only movie theater feeling the burden. Scott Kelley manages the Plaza Movie Theater and the Barco Drive-In Theater and says he is also hurting from the lack of new movies.

Scott Kelley, Manager, The Plaza Movie Theater and the Barco Drive-In, said, “The lack of new movies is not helping us at all. The studios really need to start releasing them. I think if they did people would come.”

Kelley says despite that struggle they are finding other ways to entertain customers.

“We’ve been doing a lot of retro especially at the drive in. And at the plaza but we’ve had a few new releases.”

Both theaters say they are taking coronavirus precautions.

“We have plastic shield up at the snack bar and we are sanitizing and washing our hands constantly.”

“After each movie we are taking precautions. We are giving extra time between each movie that we are showing so the staff can go in and disinfect all the seats,” said Hutson.

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