Local Facebook group aims to helps mothers of children with autism

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JOPLIN, Mo. — A local Facebook group is helping mothers of children with autism get through this difficult time.

Six moms started the Joplin Area Autism Moms Facebook page this year as a way to share therapy activities and ideas with others.

This page became especially helpful with children not able to follow their usual therapy and school routines.

Jessica Johnson, a co-founding member, had to implement some of the Bill and Virginia Leffen Center’s therapy activities into her daily life, so her son, Liam, can still get the help he needs.

From sensory processing art projects to a way to vent about a stressful day, Johnson says this group has really helped her and Liam.

Jessica Johnson, Liam’s Mom, said, “It’s nice to kind of have that platform to share with the community because every kiddo is so different, so just to interact with different people, be able to answer questions, or ask for advice.”

For a link to the Joplin Area Autism Moms group, click below.


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