Local expectant mothers dealing with changes due to COVID-19

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) – The restrictions around hospital visitation prompted by COVID-19 are having a significant effect on expectant mothers

Two soon-to-be mothers say this has been a pregnancy much different than they had in mind. Above all else, their biggest fear is being alone in the delivery room.

“Having emotional support is extremely important for me, so having the idea that my mother and my husband might not be able to be there has been very emotionally difficult and has brought me to the point of tears a couple of times. So yeah, that’s a genuine fear that I have right now.”

Elisha Covey is due in August. She says she was relying on birthing classes to prepare for her first child. All of which have been canceled.

Covey says, “I’m incredibly worried because I’m a first-time mom, so I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. I was counting on being able to go to all of the birthing classes and getting a tour of the birth unit, so I’m concerned because I feel really in the dark right now.”

Many hospitals have also tightened visitor’s restrictions on regular check-ups. Many expectant mothers have to hear their child’s first heartbeat or learn the gender of the baby alone. With a stay at home orders in place, expecting mothers can’t have baby showers or photoshoots.

Leanne Hampton is due in less than a month. She says her biggest fear is her or her baby getting sick.

Hampton says, “There’s a lot of possibilities that you could come down with it, and there could be complications during your delivery because of it, or your baby could get it when they come out. I think that’s the scariest part for me is not wanting my baby to get sick. I’ve contemplated just having my baby at home. You’re going into it blind, and I think that’s what is scaring most pregnant women right now is you don’t know what’s going to happen, there’s a high possibility that you’re going to get sick just from going up to the hospital.”

Both mothers said if isolation continues, they will also be forced not to allow grandparents and other family members to come to their home and help out or visit after the baby is born.

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