Local authorities warn citizens to be wary of potential scams surrounding stimulus checks

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CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ks. — With people beginning to receive their stimulus checks, local authorities are warning others who are still waiting to be careful of potential scams.

The stimulus checks have started to be direct deposited in bank accounts for people who requested that service from how the received their tax refunds in 2019.

However, some people are receiving their direct deposits quicker than others.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves warns people to be patient if they have not received their stimulus check yet.

And if you receive a call or an email from someone claiming to be the IRS or asking for your bank account information, do not give it to them.

Sheriff David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff, said, “Thieves unfortunately are capitalizing on this pandemic and trying to scare people into providing information, personal banking information, and that’s what we want residents to know. If somebody calls or sends an email that looks official or sounds official, it’s not. The IRS is not going to contact anybody and ask them how they want their check delivered, so they are just going to utilize whatever method they previously had on file.”

Sheriff Groves adds if you are a retiree who may not file your income taxes, the IRS will not contact you for banking information.

The checks will either be deposited in your account or mailed to you.

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