Lamar High School students keep busy by founding business

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LAMAR, Mo. — With school finished for the semester a few students are using this down time to start a new venture.

Lamar High School is closed, but these four students are staying busy founding their own business, Circle H Hydrographics.

Kayne Blanchard, Co-Owner Circle H Hydrographics, said, “About a week after school officially got canceled we were kinda still hanging out when we could we were wanting to do something other than sitting around since everything is closed. We had seen videos of people hydro dipping stuff so figured we’d try it.”

Within just a few weeks have already taken orders and created a Facebook page for their new venture.

“So basically just have a tub of water and then we take the colors that we want and we spray it over the top and that paint just kinda sits on top of the water so then we’ll take the bottle and we like pre-coat it with like a white or different color and then when we dip it it just kinda surrounds the bottle and sticks to the bottle to let it dry and cover it with a clear coat.”

They’ve dipped bottles, bells, and more.

“We’ve dipped a cooler. One of them small coolers sitting over there. We dipped one and it turned out pretty cool.”

Jillian Humes Co-Owner Circle H Hydrographics, said, “My dad gave me the tail light housing from his mustang. His first car. And we got to dip that so that was pretty cool for me.”

So far this new business has been a great use of their extra time.

“It started out as fun and it’s still fun which I think is the best part for us.”

“All the comments have been really good. They like their bottle they like the colors, the way it turned out and tell us a few days later make sure it’s keeping up and the paints not chipping or anything, but they’ve all been really impressed,” said Blanchard

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