KS Labor Secretary confident the state will return to low unemployment levels

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KANSAS — About 160,000 claims for unemployment have been made by Kansas residents.

Kansas Department of Labor Secretary Delia Garcia says during these unprecedented times, she is working ease the minds of unemployed residents.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Kansas had seen their lowest unemployment rate in 40 years at 3.2%.

Secretary Garcia says she is very confident the state can get back to that number.

Delia Garcia, Kansas Secretary of Labor, said, “We plan to continue supporting our employers and our workers to get back to that. This is a hiccup but also something that we are going to have to figure out what is this new normal moving forward. I want to plan for the next at least 12 months. What does that look like? To be proactive and not reactive.”

Secretary Garcia created a new gating procedure to help with long wait times when filing for unemployment in Kansas.

For more information on how to make your claim, follow the link below.


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