Keen Bean Coffee adapting to changes surrounding covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

MOUNT VERNON, Mo. — A local coffee shop adapts to the changes surrounding the pandemic.

Keen Bean Coffee Shop in Mount Vernon has been utilizing all of its resources for drive-through and online services.

Customers can order their usual through the window or purchase coffee grounds and beans to be shipped to their home.

The company had a website for years, but it’s never been a huge influx of money for them.

With being closed for a month now, drive-through and online sales from local customers has boosted the morale around the shop.

Tracy Bradshaw, Keen Bean Owner, said, “Both it as far as hitting our drive through window, but also people that we kind of come in contact with off and on over the years, we’re seeing their names again on online sales, even if they’re Joplin or Springfield.”

Bradshaw is hopeful locals will continue to shop Mount Vernon stores when social distancing ends.

As for right now, staff will continue to work on projects in the coffee shop until they can return to normal operations.

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