KDOL announces program to continue helping those still out of work

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KANSAS — State officials announce a program to make sure people out of work are still receiving money.

Labor officials launched an extended benefits program on friday.

It’s for people that ran out of regular unemployment insurance benefits and have used up their pandemic emergency unemployment compensation from the federal government.

Those programs can only be used for a specific amount of weeks. And some people are coming to the end.

The new extended benefits program allows unemployed Kansans to keep getting benefits for another 20 weeks.

Some people are upset with the labor department because people haven’t received all their payments.

They say officials need to worry about getting money to people that have gotten the least.

Michelle Tran, Unemployed, said “These people are hurting, and there’s nothing to help them right now. That’s the problem. Extended benefits okay, yes I get that, but what about the ones who have not received anything.”

Getting money to people is especially important now because the federal program that sends out an 600 additional dollars a week ends this weekend.

That is unless congress passes a new stimulus bill soon.

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