KDHE to begin new covid-19 testing method

Joplin Area Coronavirus

KANSAS — Thousands of coronavirus tests are coming to Kansas.

Health officials are saying they will help provide a clearer picture for the state.

Scientists at the State Department of Health and Environment Labs will soon begin a new method of testing.

KDHE is planning on getting a new testing system installed by the end of the week.

It will provide quicker 45 minute tests, and with it, Kansas will receive 65,000 test kits.

KDHE Secretary Lee Norman says he would like to see the department running up to 1,000 tests each day.

The tests will help the department get a better grasp on how the disease is spreading and where it is lurking inside the population.

Sec. Lee Norman, Dept. of Health & Environment, said, “Beyond just diagnosing an illness in a sick person and the people around that person, it allows us to take it to the next step which is to have distributed testing capabilities around the state, testing people who are well, but might be infected and or shedding the virus.”

Norman says the department still needs to figure out how they will select who will be tested.

He says the areas of the state that are hardest hit will likely be the focus.

But that will include healthy people and a doctor’s note would no longer be required.

Norman says the increased tests will help contain the virus by making sure more people with it are in quarantine.

Testing now will help fight the virus if the virus returns in the Fall or Wintertime, which Norman believes is likely.

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