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Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Kansas City University Joplin is taking extra precautions during the pandemic.

What measures is the university taking to keep coronavirus numbers low? KCU Joplin has students quarantine before the semester starts and they move classes online for the first two weeks. Students say the extra steps the university is taking helps them feel safe.

Kirk Lester, Kansas City University-Joplin Student, said, “We start off every semester knowing whether we have it or not which gives students a piece of mind.”

Kansas City University Joplin starts the semester with a self quarantine and tests every student — before moving to online classes. Students enjoy the Zoom lectures so they can re-watch them.

“Personally I’ve been more productive with the covid measures just with everything online. I think the biggest drawback is we miss the human interaction with our fellow classmates.”

The university has reduced class sizes along with giving students PPE and face shields during labs. They also conduct random saliva coronavirus testing through the semester to keep the virus numbers low.

Doctor Edward Connor, Provost at Kansas City University, said, “I think our students have done a great job of wearing the mask in public and following the best public health guidelines.”

“If they were not doing that we would not have kept the 1% covid positivity rate on campus. It would have followed more the numbers we were seeing from a public health which would range from 12 to 17% at various times.”

University leaders say the students are taking the extra precautions seriously.

“Our students as future physicians understand that this virus is real. Negatively infects not only people but their families as well. So they are doing everything they can to protect themselves, their loved ones and their fellow classmates.”

He tells me the university will continue with its strict protocols until the pandemic is over. KCU Joplin hopes things will get back to normal by their first graduating class in May.

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