Kansas lawmakers vote to limit Governor Laura Kelly’s powers during a state of emergency

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KANSAS — Kansas lawmakers voted to limit the powers Governor Laura Kelly has during a state of emergency.

Lawmakers passed a bill that gives legislative leaders oversight on whether the Governor can extend the current state of emergency.

That could impact the Governor’s reopening plan.

The bill still needs to head to Kelly’s desk. There the governor can veto it or let it become law.

She says she will thoroughly review the bill, weighing the pros and cons.

Lawmakers delayed a vote on the bill until just before 8 o’clock this morning, nearly 24 hours after gaveling in.

Kelly says the day was the most embarassing, irresponsible display of governing she has witnessed throughout the crisis.

Gov. Laura Kelly, (D) Kansas, said, “It was an unprecedented and outstanding demonstration of the dysfunction of our legislature, unlike anything I saw in my years serving in the state senate, and of course there’s no way to reflect what happened in the Kansas legislature without how partisan politics motivated everything that transpired.”

When asked what the bill would have to do to ensure a veto, Kelly Simply said, “Put the people of Kansas at risk,”

Kelly now waits for the bill to arrive at her desk. The bill would extend the state of emergency to the end of May. If Kelly vetoes it, the date would go back to the end of the day on May 26th.

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