Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s order banning evictions to expire September 15th

Joplin Area Coronavirus

KANSAS — It’s the first of the month – and that means rent is due for many Kansans.

The coronavirus pandemic has put many people out of a job, meaning paying bills can be more difficult. Recently the Governor announced a ban on evictions until September 15th. Local landlords say tenants that don’t pay rent isn’t a big problem right now. But, with less money coming from the federal government, and if the outbreak gets worse, people could start getting kicked out of their homes.

Steve Vogel, Shawnee County Landlords Association, said, “I don’t see how it’s possible to avoid that happening. People have to have income in order to pay their rent, just like landlords have to have income in order to pay their bills, they’re no different than anyone else.”

A Kansas landlord group says eviction is a last resort and many rental property owners would work out a plan with a tenant to help keep them in their home.

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