KANSAS — For some, school has been back in session for a couple of weeks now with many students learning remotely. After complaints from parents and teachers, the Kansas State Department of Education has already made changes to the remote learning plan.

With many students learning remotely, the Department of Education put requirements in place to make sure they were doing their work.

Originally, the department required parents of K-12 students to fill out this form. It asks for activities done that day, whether assignments were completed and tests were taken, the total minutes of the class and finally a signature from the parent. This was required for every class, every day. According to the department, parents, and school districts were struggling to get the forms done.

Mark Tallman, Kansas Association of School Boards, said, “People were spending so much time worrying about those and parents weren’t sure what to do with them and frankly there was no way to audit them anyway.”

So it was changed. Now, parents are just required to sign and date a form assuring their child completed their work for the day and the schools districts must also ensure teachers are connecting with students to help get their work done.

“The idea is to basically say, ‘Here’s what the districts can do, here’s what the parents can do to try to make sure the child is learning.'”

The Kansas Association of School Boards has already heard from school districts that the change has relieved a lot of pressure from both parents and staff.

While the Department of Education is no longer requiring the more detailed daily log, it is ultimately up to the districts to decide if they want to continue using it.