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JOPLIN, Mo. — With the stay at home order coming this Monday, April 6th, a lot of residents and business owners may have some questions on how local stores will conduct business.

A full list of categories of essential businesses is provided in the order that can be accessed by clicking here.

Below you can find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on what to expect in the coming weeks. You can also visit Joplin’s website for more info:

I am unclear whether my business qualifies as essential or non-essential. Can I receive a formal recommendation from the City as to whether I qualify?
We encourage all business owners to review the order in its entirety if they believe there is ambiguity about whether they qualify as essential or not. There is a list of essential businesses on the City’s webpage, and for non-essential businesses, certain minimum basic operations that may be performed. If you cannot determine whether your business is essential, please fill out this online form. Someone will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Do businesses and/or employees need formal certification or identification that they qualify as an essential business and/or are employed at an essential business?

How will this emergency order be enforced?
The City has many mechanisms to enforce this order, including the Fire Marshal, Health Department, and the Police Department. This order will be enforced similarly to other business-related ordinances (building occupancy, health requirements for food preparation, etc.) and violators will be subject to fines and business closure orders, suspension of business licenses, and other penalties.

Is construction activity classified as essential?
Yes, public works, infrastructure (including commercial buildings), and commercial and residential construction are classified as essential. We strongly encourage construction businesses to carry out their work in compliance with physical distancing requirements and guidelines.

Are manufacturing facilities classified as essential?
Any manufacturing operation that supplies goods necessary for the operation of other essential businesses (for example medical equipment, transport equipment, telecommunications equipment, supplies necessary to maintain or build infrastructure, sanitation and cleaning supplies, food or beverages, etc.) is classified as essential.

Are transportation providers, such as railroads, airports, buses, ride-share, taxis and truck drivers classified as essential?
Yes, transportation providers (Including railroads, airline and airport workers, and public transit organizations) are classified as essential. Additionally, maintenance providers (such as mechanics or bike repair shops) are also classified as essential, as are suppliers of parts needed to maintain the operations of transit providers. Truck drivers are also classified as essential.

Are hotels and motels classified as essential?
Yes.  We recognize that individuals employed in essential businesses who are traveling (for example medical workers or infrastructure maintenance workers) and/or individuals who find their homes temporarily uninhabitable may need to secure shelter.

Are home repair and maintenance services classified as essential?
Yes, home repair services including plumbers, electricians, exterminators, cleaning services, and other providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and cleaning of, operations of residences and essential businesses are classified as essential.

Are childcare providers classified as essential?
Yes. The City recognizes that many workers in essential industries need access to childcare to continue to work. The order includes the following guidance for childcare providers and the City recommends that all providers follow this guidance to the extent feasible:

  • Childcare should be carried out in stable groups, preferably with 10 or fewer (“stable” means that the same 10 or fewer children are in the same group each day);
  • Children should not change from one group to another;
  • If more than one group of children is cared for at one facility, each group should be in a separate room. Groups should not mix with each other; and
  • Childcare providers should remain solely with one group of children.

Are realtors, leasing agents, building inspectors, and movers classified as essential?
Yes, realtors, leasing agents, building/housing inspection services, movers, and other services necessary to help people find or maintain housing are classified as essential. We strongly encourage all of these services to practice social distancing to the extent feasible and to limit unnecessary activities that can be deferred to a later date.

Are personal services, such as nail salons, hair salons, and tanning facilities classified as essential?
No, businesses that provide personal services are not classified as essential.

Are gyms or workout facilities classified as essential?
No, gym and workout facilities are not classified as essential.

I work at an essential business but don’t believe I am an essential employee. Do I have to work?
The City cannot make determinations for essential businesses about which employees are essential and non-essential for carrying out its work. Essential businesses can continue standard operations provided social distancing is maintained to the extent feasible. Essential businesses are strongly encouraged to allow employees whose duties can be carried out from home to do so.

I own a business in an essential industry. Do I have to stay open?
The City cannot compel any business to remain open.

My job (or my business) has been impacted by the coronavirus, where can I go to get help?
A list of resources for employees and job seekers is available from the City of Joplin Health Department’s website and the Missouri Job Board website. Businesses can find useful resources from the Joplin Chamber of Commerce website.

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