Joplin sees increase in covid cases

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin city leaders say covid-19 numbers have risen in the city in recent days.

Mayor Ryan Stanley says there are 67 active cases in Joplin.

Between Freeman Health System and Mercy Joplin, there are 38 patients hospitalized for covid-19.

However, only three patients are from the city of Joplin.

City Health Director Dan Pekarek says a few of the new cases are from school opening testing.

But many of the cases seem to be from community spread.

Dan Pekarek, Joplin Heath Director, said, “Really, most of the cases that we were looking at of the last few days, where we started to see these additional, are really just, we can’t find a commonality. We look at the, we talk to the individuals, its just individuals that’s just going about their business. They’re going to work, they’re going to the store, they’re going to church. They’re just going to various places, and uh, we really don’t have a link or any kind of common event occurring.”

Pekarek also said, the upcoming flu season will be a challenge to determine what is the flu and what is covid-19, since many of the symptoms are the same.

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