Joplin Schools announce plans for students with IEPs

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin schools announces its roll out of individualized education plans for students with disabilities.

How do instructors plan to keep these students engaged?

The coronavirus has challenged teachers to help educate students from outside the classroom.

New course work will include video conferencing, pre-recorded lessons and worksheets.

Meghan Klosterman, Director of Special Education, Joplin Schools, said, “Even though the buildings are closed, school is in session.”

The Joplin School District shares its individualized education plans for students with disabilities.

The district understands with school being out due to the coronavirus, many kids are getting their education online.

But that may not be the best way to educate all students.

“For the kids that do have disabilities, the challenges that these kids are facing are compounded even more.”

Instructors have had to redesign this year’s curriculum, now utilizing more technology.

“It’s pre-recorded video lessons that can be watched when it’s convenient for the family. Sometimes it’s zoom conferences. It just really depends on the need of that particular child.”

And finding out what students need from their educators all starts with reaching out to their parents.

“So the teacher is responsible for reaching out to the family on a weekly basis. And it’s a plan they will arrive at together.”

For parents, having a more hands-on approach with their child’s education may be uncharted waters.

And the school understands that and wants to keep everyone moving forward.

“Education looks very different now than it did a month ago, and so being able to be flexible with the way we’re delivering services and the things that we’re asking of parents right now is something that we have a priority.”

Klosterman adds she understands this can be a challenging time for families, but teachers will offer support to parents and students during this time.

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