Joplin resident starts online petition supporting shelter in place ordinance

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — At this point, the city of Joplin doesn’t have a mandatory shelter in place ordinance, but some residents think there should be.

Destiny Corkle started an online petition late last week with the goal of trying to convince Joplin Mayor Gary Shaw to enact the ordinance.

She had hoped to get at least 2,000 electronic signatures by today.

But as of late this afternoon, more than 2,900 people have supported the concept.

She thinks not enough people are taking covid-19 seriously and that more will if Shaw would put a shelter in place ordinance in effect.

Shaw says the ordinance is written and ready to enact if the situation warrants it, but right now, he says it doesn’t.

Destiny Corkle, Stated Online Petition, said, “But it starts at the top, if it’s starting at the top with the major and the city council think stay at home, then I’m not going to drive by a city park and see 20 kids playing on a play ground, I shouldn’t see that, if they can’t go to schools then they can’t be playing on the play ground.”

Gary Shaw, Mayor, City of Joplin, said, “A stay at home ordinance, at this point, would make very little difference in our city because most of the places that have not already shut down are people that are in that ordinance are exempt from that ordinance.”

Shaw says if covid-19 does take a turn for the worst in our area, then the ordinance is pretty much already written and ready for him to sign and enact.

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