Joplin resident goes viral on TikTok during social isolation and distancing

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JOPLIN, Mo. — While in quarantine, millions of people around the world are using an app called TikTok to pass the time.

Dylan Ayres, TikTok Famous, said, “This app was really blowing up and I decided to see if I could get anything that could go viral.”

TikTok is a video sharing app where millions of people worldwide post short videos less than a minute.

“70% of my followers are from the United States, and then there’s like Australia, Canada, UK.”

16-year-old Dylan Ayres has 1.7 million followers and more than 27 million likes.

“In the last 28 days, my analytics showed that I had 160 million views.”

His popularity on social media is creating opportunities outside the app.

Mary Ayres, Dylan’s mother, said, “He did get a contract with Bang and Fashion Nova and you know I think that’s great for him because we all want nothing more than our kids to be successful.”

While a lot of people make dance videos or put their own twist on viral sensations.

Ayres has a unique style of his own. He starts every video with a coined phrase.

“It’s more of like a long form telling some story,” said Dylan.

His brother Jack is his photographer and sometimes his whole family gets involved.

“Sometimes whether we want to be or not we’re involved in the videos cause you never know when he’s filming,” said Mary.

Ayres say he hopes to continue growing and creating content, he plans to start his next TikTok story saying.

“So one day the local news came to interview me at my house.”

So maybe we’ll be TikTok famous too.

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