Joplin neighborhood hosts dinner in their driveways to ease boredom of staying indoors

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Residents in one Joplin neighborhood eased the boredom of staying indoors this evening by spending some time outside.

Several residents in Joplin’s Roanoke Neighboorhood had dinner in their driveways, allowing them to enjoy a meal and each other’s company at a safe distance.

It was an idea that quickly spread through word of mouth in this close-knit community.

David & Glenda Austin, Roanoke Residents, said, “Yesterday I received a text in a group of several people in the area and said ‘hey what do you think about, lets see about doing something.’ I said right away ‘we’re in’ and everybody else started in ‘we’re in’ and ‘count us in.'”

Molly Greer, Roanoke Resident, said, “Well I think it’s a really cool thing because some people are quarantined and they can’t come outside, but that’s different for us.”

Residents said it’s not out of the ordinary for the neighborhood to come together for other things, like Easter and Halloween.

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