Joplin Health Department has tips for eateries as they reopen

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — As Joplin restaurants prepare to reopen their dining rooms — or even reopen from being closed — the Joplin Health Department has tips for those eateries to follow.

Staff should go through coolers and make sure all food is up-to-date — throw away any expired food.

They should also make sure sinks are working with both hot and cold water, and make sure soap dispensers are fully stocked.

Make sure there’s also an adequate supply of EPA approved sanitizer on hand to wipe down menus, counter-tops, and door knobs.

Water lines should be flushed out and any ice machines that have just been sitting for the past few weeks should also be cleaned out.

Ryan Talken, Assistant Director Joplin Health Department, said, “I think the majority of the restaurants know what to do. You know, their goal is to provide wholesome, safe food as well.”

The health department will send out guidance via email for restaurants to follow.

Staff will also follow-up on any complaints to the health department.

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