Joplin city leaders using covid-19 survey to gauge impact on local economy

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — The results of Joplin’s covid-19 survey are officially in, giving city leaders a better idea of how much the virus has impacted the local economy.

The survey was able to assess the type of impacts faced by the community, including employment loss, access to PPE, and decreased availability of public services in town.

The survey was conducted by Guidehouse, a consulting company that will help the city assess the full impact of the virus.

The company presented the data at the City Council’s work session Monday, but will be back next week with potential solutions for the city.

Ryan Stanley, Mayor of Joplin, said, “A week from today, we’re gonna have a project and program list of possible solutions to address some of those deficiencies and needs that were presented tonight. And then from there, we’ll take that to the county as recommendations for potential projects they might want to fund to help us address virus-affected businesses and citizens.”

More than 750 responses were submitted, coming from city residents, along with local businesses and non-profits.

Those numbers also included input from other Jasper County cities like Carl Junction, Webb City, and Carthage.

The City Council is also moving forward with efforts to help preserve Joplin’s rich history, starting with the city’s museum complex.

Monday the council moved forward with a plan to form a committee geared toward protecting Joplin’s historic elements, including the mineral museum.

Leaders say the plan is to review the needs of the museum and create a plan best fit for preserving resources long run.

Nick Edwards, Joplin City Manager, said, “The committee will take a look at the museum operations, museum needs, and really start to plan for ‘how can we address those needs and what structures or what processes or what mechanisms do we need to make sure the museum is in the best place to succeed.”

The members of the committee will include the museum’s curator, leaders with the Joplin Historical Society, and members of the City Council.

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