Job recruiters highlight high number of temporary job openings

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JOPLIN, Mo. — With many residents out of work from the coronavirus, before you file for unemployment, you may want to consider another option.

Job recruiters are suggesting try to seek temporary employment.

Right now, there are far more openings than people available to fill them.

Cole Landis, Recruiting Specialist, said, “We have tons of different avenues that we can go through to help people find what their looking for, whether it’s a hold over or whether it’s something new completely.”

The coronavirus outbreak has put many out of work, but before you file for unemployment, you may want to seek out a temporary job.

Taylor Baul, Recruiting Specialist, Personnel Solutions, said, “I mean they can come in and work for a couple weeks, or they can be a temp to hire also. So if they ended up liking the temp job, they can definitely go on and be a temp to hire and be hired on with that company.”

Temporary jobs may offer a quicker option to provide for your family, and there’s openings in all types of fields.

“We have, we have production work. We have clerical come in every so often, assembly, machine shops.”

And right now, it’s looking like there are more jobs available than people to fill them.

“I mean, we have jobs available. What we require, I mean it’s an application that takes 10-15 minutes and they can start as soon as possible.”

And the hope is to keep the economy going even through these hard times.

“We need people to be here on the production line, we need people to be there to do those skill trades and we need people to help and to maintain and to keep all those things running,” said Landis.

Baul adds the agency is looking to match as many people who need employment as they can at this time, even if that means they have to start working remotely.

To get in contact with the agency, follow the link below.

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