Jasper, Delaware, and Barton Counties see covid-19 deaths on Wednesday

Joplin Area Coronavirus

FOUR STATE AREA — Two men and one woman are the latest covid-19 deaths in the Four State Region. The first man was a 91-year-old Joplin long-term care resident. Health officials confirm coronavirus was a contributing factor to his death. He is the 24th person to die of covid-19 in the city of Joplin. More than 1,200 people have been diagnosed in the city and 181 cases are still active.

Meanwhile, Barton County announced the death of a second resident. The woman was in her 60’s and she was in the hospital prior to dying. 170 people have tested positive in Barton County — 23 are still active.

Another person in Delaware County has died of covid-19. The man was in the 65 or older age group. A total of 24 people in the county have now died of covid-19. More than 700 have been diagnosed in Delaware County and 90 are still active cases.

256 people in our 25-county Four State region with covid-19 have died. More than 19,000 confirmed cases have been reported. Roughly 2,400 cases are still active.

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