Health officials remind families to keep safety in mind on Halloween

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Coronavirus is changing how many families celebrate holidays. With Halloween just around the corner — health officials are telling families to keep safety at top of mind.

Donna Stokes, Mercy Hospital Infection Preventionist, said, “Activities that we normally would see like going house to house trick or treating, handing out candy may not be the best option this year.”

The coronavirus pandemic changing Halloween.

Mercy Hospital Joplin recommends getting creative if you choose to pass out candy.

“Maybe a table at the end of the driveway and the treats set out to where there’s one way traffic and the kids can just pick up their treat off the table and go onto the next house. Its not necessarily going to look like the trick or treating Halloween activities that we’ve seen in years past.”

The City of Joplin will not set guidelines for Halloween — but want trick-or-treats to be safe.

Lynn Onstot, City of Joplin, said, “If children are going out trick or treating we want them to go with adults. But more importantly the people at home maybe handing out candy if you have been sick or someone in your household has been sick we ask that you not participate this year. “

They are also suggesting families look at alternatives to trick or treating.

“Halloween is on a Saturday so you could have a daytime Fall party maybe out in the yard. Anything outdoors is safer than an indoor environment.”

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