Governor Parson say the state must prepare for the possibility that difficult budget decisions could be coming

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Everything is on the table.

That’s what Governor Mike Parson said today about the need to cut state expenses due to covid-19.

The governor said the state must prepare for the possibility that some difficult budget decisions could be coming.

With the first holiday weekend of during the current pandemic approaching, Governor Parson cautioned Missourians to use common sense.

Gov. Mike Parson, said, “We do not need a setback right now so everybody got to do their part and you got to know who is high risk and who is not and you got to act accordingly to how your going to conduct yourselves and I have every confidence that Missourians will do that and they will stay the course and move forward.”

What remains uncertain is whether another large influx of federal relief dollars will be headed to help state’s devastated economically by covid-19.

The Governor said the Missouri must prepare for the possibility no additional money will arrive.

“Yesterday I met with my own cabinet members throughout the state to tell them somewhat to expect and to start making adjustments to start putting a plan in each department of what we’re going to do cut expenses in state government. And everything is on the table to be able to do that.”

The Governor plans to meet with education officials on Wednesday to prepare them for moving forward with less money than they anticipated.

That includes elementary, secondary, and higher education.

The Governor said it’s simply too soon to know whether the federal government will be providing relief money to help state’s with covid-19 related expenses.

The Governor said he does believe Missouri is in better shape than many other states.

And he believes the Missourians who have been following social distancing guidelines are a big reason why.

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