Governor Parson issues stay at home order – has stern message for Missourians

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — After a growing number of groups called for a statewide stay at home order, the Missouri Governor agrees it’s time.

The Governor with a firm and stern message ordering Missourians to stay at home.

The Governor’s order will go into effect just after midnight on Sunday and will lasts for three weeks.

The Governor is ordering Missouri residents to avoid leaving their homes or residences.

There is an exception for essential workers as outlined by the federal government.

The order does not prohibit Missourians from going to the bank, grocery store, gas station, or outdoor recreation as long as precautions such social distancing take place.

There are also some limits being placed on on how many workers are allowed in businesses that are considered essential.

Gov. Parson, said, “This is about our families, our friends, our neighbors. This is about the entire state of Missouri. The state is made up of winners and to win this battle against COVID-19, it’s going to take each one of us doing our part and putting out our best. Our actions today will determine the future so for the sake of all Missourians, be smart be responsible and follow this order.”

“Stay at home Missouri.”

Just as the Governor issues that stay at home order, lawmakers must return here to the capitol next week to vote on urgent budget matters.

Lawmakers must approve the spending of both federal and state dollars to fight the spread of covid-19.

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