Governor Parson focuses on testing and protective equipment distribution in Tuesday briefing

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Testing for covid-19 and the distribution of personal protective equipment continue to be two big challenges facing Missouri.

The Governor delivered an update on both during his virtual briefing in Jefferson City.

The Governor continues to say individual responsibility people staying home, social distancing, and avoiding groups of more than 10 is what needs to happen to fight the virus.

We also heard some updates from the state’s education leaders.

They say every public school district in the state is now able to provide meals for kids even with schools being closed.

Missouri’s higher education institutions are helping to provide PPE’s by donating some of their supplies to first responders.

Mizzou is also helping with testing.

The Health Director said the state through private partnerships is now providing 2,000 tests a day.

The Governor acknowledges more testing would be beneficial and wishes more personal protective equipment was available.

The Director of Public Safety said covid-19 will have a greater sweeping impact that any other disaster.

She and the Governor provided and update on securing PPE’s for health and first responders.

Sandra Karten, Missouri Public Safety Director, said, “We have placed orders to purchase more than $17.3 million worth of PPE out of the $18 million in the special authorization from Governor Parson. We expect to take delivery to our state warehouse over the next few weeks and we have our logistics team and a distribution plan ready to go to turn the PPE around to the people who need it in the state as quickly as possible.”

Governor Mike Parson, said, “We’ve have had people reach out to places like China, like Mexico all over the world business across the state are trying to help, businesses are offering to retool, here in MO we don’t have to be so dependent on other states to bring us this product. And I think those are the kinds of things that show the backbone of who we are in Missouri.”

The Governor was also asked about the impact covid-19 will have on the state’s budget he said it will drastically change estimates.

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