Governor Parson believes the state is moving in right direction in fight against covid-19

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri Governor Mike Parson believes the state is moving in the right direction in its fight against covid-19.

And today we’re learning more about the data he’s using to make that determination.

One big reason the Governor lifted the statewide stay at home order is the state now has the ability to test more Missourians than just a few weeks ago.

The Governor and his administration say they now perform targeted testing where they can quickly send testing to areas where there are hot spots.

The administration reports the percentage of those testing positive has declined and reports fewer patients showing up at emergency rooms with either covid-19 or flu like symptoms.

According the Governor’s administration the overall rate of transmission has been significantly reduced.

Todd Richardson, MO HealthNet Director, said, “The number of hospitalized Covid cases across our state has declined over the last two weeks down nearly 17% since the high watermark in early April. That the client has been more pronounced in regions other than St. Louis where we are seeing a pronounced flattening but not a steep decline.”

Gov. Parson, said, “We’re moving in the right direction and again it’s because of smart decisions were making informed decisions and not just reacting to whatever the story might be other day or whatever people might think it’s really based on that data how we attack things.”

Governor believes it’s time to safely go out and support local businesses in communities where they have joined the state in lifting stay at home orders.

He encouraged Missourians to go out and support locally, family owned businesses.

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