KANSAS — Governor Laura Kelly is highlighting the Kansas agriculture industry for supplying the state and country with food during the coronavirus pandemic.

She says it takes a lot of work getting food from farm to table – from farmers, ranchers, processors, food haulers, to grocery store workers.

The Governor spoke to farmers and Ag officials virtually on the final day of the Department of Agriculture’s annual conference.

Kelly says the state could be much worse off if it wasn’t for state’s largest industry.

Gov. Laura Kelly, (D) Kansas, said, “Because of the actions that we took to slow the spread of covid-19 and the contributions of the Ag industry, our economy has been able to whether the damage better than many of our neighboring states, including Texas. I have seen Kansans across the state demonstrate incredible resilience and compassion.”

Kelly says farmers and Ag workers are well prepared for tough times because they always have to deal with harsh weather conditions, low grain prices, and trade disputes.