Governor Kelly asking for federal assistance in maintaining testing supply levels

Joplin Area Coronavirus

TOPEKA, Ks. — As coronavirus numbers continue to rise in the state of Kansas, the need for testing supplies and other equipment also rises.

Hundreds of people in Kansas are being tested for the coronavirus each day, this is quickly depleting testing kits and personal protective equipment, like face masks.

The state is asking for help from the federal government.

Governor Kelly says that Kansas, along with many other states, are in need of federal assistance due to shrinking supply stocks and rising unemployment numbers.

According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, around $5.9 million is expected from the CDC to help fight the coronavirus.

However, that money has not been seen yet and it’s unclear, at this time, when that support will be coming.

Governor Laura Kelly, (D) Kansas, said, “We are strongly encouraging the Federal government to empty out their stockpile and get that back to the states, particularly, in my case, to Kansas.”

The Governor says the state is turning to local businesses for help getting the equipment needed, like face masks and sanitizer.

The Governor told me that she also signed the state budget that lawmakers worked on for many days.

In the budget, $60 million is set aside just to help fight the coronavirus in Kansas.

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