Gardening growing in popularity amid covid-19

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FOUR STATE AREA — Now, more than ever, could be a good time for you to start thinking about growing your own food.

Gardens and planting your own food can be a good source of food security.

Experts say with people spending more time at home this year, the interest in home gardening will likely increase.

Many people are used to being able to buy everything we needed, but this pandemic has shown us how quickly things can run out, which is more of a reason to pick up some garden seed and supplies and get to work.

Gardening can be a stress reliever, reduces trips to the grocery store, and you can do it while social distancing.

Krista Harding, District Extension Agent, Kansas State University, said, “Growing food in a home garden can provide people with more access to fresh food. It also allows them to be more self-sufficient. It also allows for them to get outside and enjoy nature, get some exercise, while also socially distancing away from people.”

Harding says if you’re new to gardening, local extension offices have helpful publications and resources to assist new and seasoned gardeners be successful.

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