Frontenac High School celebrates two seniors set to head into the armed forces

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FRONTENAC, Ks. — Frontenac High School celebrates two seniors this afternoon that are set to head into the armed forces.

What did the high school do?

The high school held a graduation ceremony especially for the two students.

They are set to be sent off to their training before the school will hold their larger ceremony, so school staff wanted to be sure they got the same recognition as everyone else.

While it’s not the graduation ceremony they had imagined… These two are still grateful.

Austin Souder and Skyler Campiti were given their dimplomas a little earlier from Frontenac High School.

Both students set to head off to training for the military.

Mike Copper, Principal, Frontenac High School, said, “These guys are reporting to military duty and it’s going to cause them to miss graduation with the rest of their class. So we wanted to make sure we did something for them.”

With covid-19 postponing their graduation date, school staff organized the gathering.

Surrounded by friends, family and instructors, souder and campiti say they are humbled by this intimate ceremony.

Austin Souder, Senior, Frontenac High School, said, “It felt nice to actually get that feeling, I’m glad I got the same opportunity everyone else will be getting later in July.”

Skyler Campiti, Senior Frontenac High School, said, “It’s nice to see the support from my community, my friends and family, family friends, it’s really special. Especially since only two. They’re all here for you and not just the whole crowd of seniors. It makes me feel pretty cool.”

Both students will be going to their training before the larger graduation ceremony will be held this Summer.

But even as their senior year comes to a bittersweet end–Souder and Campiti are eager to serve their nation.

“I’ve thought about the air force because I’ve just always been interested in planes and all that. I think it’ll be a good career path for me and a pretty good life for me,” said Souder.

“I’ve always wanted to do something bigger than myself and the military has always been at the back of my mind.The Kansas Army National Guard lets me join the military and let’s me do different things I want to do,” said Campiti.

Souder will be heading off to San Antonio to join the U.S. Air Force.

Campiti will be joining the Kansas National Guard to be a Horizontal Construction Engineer.

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