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JOPLIN, Mo. — Dozens of local doctors are using technology to connect with patients, trading an office visit for telemedicine.

Amanda Harrell, Freeman D.O., said, “I think there’s a need for it right now, a big need for it.”

Telemedicine – through Freeman Health System called Freeman Care Anywhere.

Patients stay home but talk to their physician online.

Dr. Beth Garrett, Pediatrician, said, “I can’t physically lay hands on the patient but i can see how that patient is breathing – i can see what their color is – i can see how they’re acting. And that can give me a lot of information on the general health of that child.”

The pediatrician says there are some challenges.

“Trying to get vitals on the patient. we’re used to having everything here in the clinic – temperature, weight and blood pressure and height.”

But she adds it’s still the better option for many patients.

“Right now it keeps our patient population safe – the people that are at most risk. They’re practicing social distancing, they’re staying in their homes.”

And they can still follow up in the office, if needed.

“We educate the patients on things to look for if we’re going to diagnose them without listening to them or performing a physical exam. We give them signs and symptoms to watch for and we tell them call back if you start to see this,” said Harrell

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