Freeman Health System using video conferencing for office visits

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Freeman Health System is changing the way some patients are seeing their doctors.

The hospital is beginning to use video conferencing for those who are needing to see a doctor.

So far, 60 physicians have signed on with another 30 to 40 looking into the process.

You first call in and make a scheduled appointment, the physician will put you in a virtual cue, then you meet with the physician through video conferencing.

The hospital starting using this system last week and have seen it grow.

Dr. Denis Estep, Freeman Chief Medical Officer, said, “I think the first day they did about seventeen and by the end of the week they were having over a hundred per day. And I’m sure that will continue to expand this week as we continue to get more and more physicians up and running on that platform.”

Dr. Estep says patients have also been calling in, who don’t feel they need to come in, to ask questions.

The doctor can then call them back to visit that way as well.

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