JOPLIN, Mo. — Freeman Health System announces it’s planning to furlough some employees.

Volumes are down in the hospital right now and many of their services have gone all online or been suspended.

Freeman Health System is looking at which parts of the hospital could work without a few of the employees.

The decisions will be made on a department-by-department basis.

During a furlough most employees would use their paid time off to continue getting paid, benefits will not be affected.

Paula Baker Freeman Health System “We’re not doing elective surgeries outpatient visits are down, we’re doing a lot of tele-health and tele-medicine so it’s a good opportunity for people to take a little time off, we estimate this will be very temporary and many employees are eager to have the opportunity to take a little time off right now, so I think it works out very well.”

Baker says they plan to have official numbers on how many people will be furloughed a little later this week.