Freeman Health System focuses on insurance coverage amid job less in daily briefing

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JOPLIN, Mo. — In today’s Freeman Health System daily briefing, President and CEO Paula Baker stated that were no new positive cases to report.

Baker also said that were 106 negative tests recorded in the past 11 days.

But with the stay-at-home order and businesses shutdown, it has left many people out of work, which can in turn impact their insurance coverage.

Karri Foster with Freeman Health System Patient Admissions talked about how this is a special enrollment period for insurance due to loss of income.

Karri Foster, Freeman Health System Patient Admissions, said, “That can be, program where we get you on a short term just to get you until you’re back to work, or we can get a long term program through the ACA because it is based on affordability to your income. So if your premiums at your work are high and they’re too high for your, income then we can actually get you on a program that is lower premium.”

Foster said this program is available at all facilities, adding that they will meet you in Neosho if needed.

As far as drive thru testing goes, Baker noted the numbers have continued to decrease.

Phone screenings have also seen a decline with less than seventy per day.

There are plenty of test kits available, and baker wants people to know despite smaller numbers, they’ll still keep tests available.

Paula Baker, Freeman Health System President & CEO, said, “We’re going to keep the screening center open for calls as well as the drive thru testing center as long as people are finding that helpful. So there will come a day though where, hopefully not too far in the future, we won’t have a need for that anymore.”

A total of 113 people have partaken in drive thru testing since the tests began.

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