Freeman Health System emphasizes importance of faith in tough times in Friday meeting

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — The coronavirus has many people frustrated and afraid of the unknown.

Those feelings can often be amplified if someone is living alone.

But some find hope in places of faith. That was the topic of discussion during Friday’s Freeman Health System’s daily meeting.

Freeman Health System Assistant Director of Pastoral Care Bill Cox says faith can help people deal with fears over the coronavirus.

Prayer and meditation connecting with family and friends and finding things to be grateful for are all other ways Cox says people can cope with feelings of the unknown.

Bill Cox, Freeman Health System Assistant Director of Pastoral Care, said, “Our faith can help us during this time as we just find little things to do for other people to get our minds off of ourselves. I know that has limitations and parameters now of what we can actually get out and do, but anyway we can get out and make a phone call, write a letter, email, text somebody and check on them.”

28 patients were tested for the coronavirus Thursday at the drive-thru testing site.

Of the 49 total patients tested at the site so far, 32 have been negative, 10 are in process, and 7 have been positive.

1 person remains hospitalized while 6 are recovering at home.

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