JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s the official end-of-operations for a Joplin drive-thru site, a closing that took more than two years to hit.

Freeman Health System shut down its COVID-19 drive-thru operation, which had handled both testing and vaccines.

Workers estimate the Freeman COVID call center handled 70,000 calls since March of 2020, and nearly 20,000 tests.

They add shutting down the site is a significant milestone for the community.

“Two years in operation. I don’t think any of us could have thought that the pandemic would have lasted that long. But I think being on the other side of it and moving to an endemic phase is a very exciting time for us as a community and for the nation as a whole,” said Jessica Liberty, Infection Prev.

This is just the latest step for Freeman West. The hospital shut down its COVID-19 unit about a month ago.