Foster Care placements being impacted by covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

FOUR STATE AREA — The foster care system, built on frequent movements of children from one home to another, is another area affected by the coronavirus crisis.

This uncertain time can also be difficult for foster children and those responsible for placing them in loving homes.

Some foster parents and potential families may be afraid of bringing the virus into their families and may not be as willing to accept new children, even if there is no indication they have the virus or been in contact with it.

Administrators with TFI Family Services say although they are struggling to find some placements, they are having phenomenal success with those they are able to place.

Taylor Forrest, TFI Family Services:”For example, we have a foster mom with 7 foster and adoptive kids in her home. She’s had to start homeschooling all of them and you would anticipate there would be some issues there, but really she has only seen progress. Not only in their education but in their behaviors as well.”

Forrest says if you’re interested in being a foster parent, to please reach out.

TFI Family Services is currently hosting parenting classes online, so much of what you need to do can be done from your home. You can contact the organization at 1-833-7FOSTER and

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