Federal funding to help schools deal with coronavirus has public and private schools working together

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Federal funding to help schools deal with the coronavirus has several public and private school districts working together.

Federal government will send the cares act money directly to the Joplin School District.

But funding could be split up from there.

Joanne Lown, St. Mary’s Principal, said, “We’ve purchased all the disinfecting equipment, getting ready to purchase hand sanitizing stations.”

St. Mary’s Principal Joanne Lown has already seen a long list of changes in how her catholic school operates.

And she’s applied for federal help to cover past and future costs.

“Most of our cares act funding will come from Joplin and they are a great partner.”

The Joplin School District has already gotten more than a million dollars in federal coronavirus funding.

And they’ll be working not only on their own district’s funding, but with Joplin Area Catholic Schools, College Heights, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther, and any nonpublic school with Joplin students.

Sandra Cantwell, Joplin Schools Executive Director Student Services, said, “We meet with those representatives from non public schools and they discuss things with us ways they might use it.”

That federal funding could go toward cleaning supplies, hand sanitizing stations, even technology.

“Anything to help students continue the learning process. We’ve been out of school for a long time until summer school started. It’s a way to supplement what we’ve lost.”

Any school that qualifies is encouraged to contact the Joplin School District for more information.


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