FDA gives emergency approval of two drugs to treat covid-19

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — The Food and Drug Administration gives approval for two anti-malarial drugs to treat patients with covid-19.

The FDA gave emergency approval this past weekend for doctors to use hydroxy-chloroquine and chloroquine.

One Freeman Health System Doctor reminds us reports are promising, but more still needs to be studied, including clinical trials, to prove it is effective.

Other drugs are looking promising as well, but it could be beneficial if the answer to alleviating coronavirus symptoms are from a drug already widely known.

Dr. Uwe Schmidt, Freeman Health Infectious Disease Specialist, said “Hydroxychloriquine is easily available and much, much cheaper. And, if it works, it’s definitely a breakthrough.”

Dr. Schmidt says Freeman Health has protocol in place to use these drugs if an extremely sick patient needs them.

They have enough supplies to treat several patients, with more supply on the way.

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