Families of people in assisted living facilities come up with creative ways to visit during pandemic

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PARSONS, Kan. — As nursing homes across the country implement strict visitation restrictions amid the COVID-19 outbreak, people in southeast Kansas are getting creative with how to spend time with their loved ones.

The Parsons Presbyterian Manor Assisted Living Center closed its door to the public weeks ago.

Many families who frequently visit their loved ones haven’t had time to interact face-to-face like they normally do, so they had to get creative.

Families have started visiting through windows at the nursing home.

Some people bring signs, children bring markers to draw on the window, and some use their phones so they can hear their loved one’s voice to accompany the interaction.

Kathy Warrington, daughter of a resident, says, “I appreciate the nursing home and the staff very much for keeping us out, keeping them safe. I want to see her so I had the privilege of coming out and looking at the window and waving to her and holding my sign up and talking to her that way. So it makes it kind of nice.”

Kathy says she’s thankful to the Presbyterian Manor staff for allowing her to continue visiting with her mother and she can’t wait for the day when she can hug and kiss her again.

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