Downstream Casino and Resort giving food to furloughed employees for Easter Sunday

Joplin Area Coronavirus

FOUR STATE AREA — Downstream Casino and Resort is reaching out to help employees laid off because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Like many area companies, Downstream Casino and Resort had to furlough nearly 900 employees last month after shutting its doors to try and prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus.

But they want to make sure all of them have plenty on their tables come Easter Sunday.

Jani Cummings, Downstream Casino & Resort, General Manager, said, “We’ve always provided the Easter ham, but this year Chairman also wanted to supply some of the extras like proteins ham, the beans, the vegetables, the pastas, the things like that that can be stretched just to show them that yep, we get it, we care and help them out, so typically we just do the ham.”

One of the reasons why this food giveaway is to important this year is because many of these furloughed employees are cooking for more than just themselves.

Kathy Bergquist, Furloughed Employee, said, “There are so many families that need this, a lot of families probably living together, we ourselves have our daughter and two kids living with us, so the extra groceries absolutely help.”

“And I miss them, I mean this is not just a workforce, this is family, I’ve been here ten and a half years so these people matter, they’re not just an employee, they’re family, it’s important,” said Cummings.

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