Delta Airlines Donates $300,000 worth of food to local charity

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — Delta Airlines is donating $300,000 worth of food to a local charity.

Jim Benton, Executive Director, Carthage Crisis Center, said, “This time we got about 50 tons. 50 tons of food is just hard to imagine.”

The parking lot of Bykota Church in Carthage is filled with $300,000 worth of food donations.

John Petticrew, Community Pastor, Bykota Church, said, “So we’ve had a food donation, a large donation come in from Delta Airlines that has come here to the church. We’re using it as a staging facility for the crisis center.”

As the food comes in volunteers repackage and repalletize it so the crisis center can distribute it.

“We are privileged to work with about 40 different food pantries in the area. So we’ve called out our big guns and it’s amazing how we can get this food and then distribute it to people in need,” said Benton.

Karrie Oxford, Assistant Director of Operations, Carthage Crisis Center, said, “We have families in situations that they’ve never been in before and they don’t know where meals are coming from and so to be able to partner with churches, with food banks, with different organizations to make sure they’re getting things into their home that they may not normally be able to get is such a wonderful ability.”

“The other thing is the quality of the food that we get. This is what they serve their first class passengers, so we get some phenomenal stuff,” said Benton.

Many of the volunteers are residents of the crisis center.

“So they understand and know what it means to have someone take time out and pour into them and be a blessing and provide a meal,” said Oxford.

“Here in southwest Missouri, even in the Four State area, a lot of people are going to get a lot of great food,” said Benton.

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