Dealing with the loss of freedom due to the coronavirus pandemic a form of grief

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — Some people call it cabin fever, but dealing with the loss of freedom because of the current coronavirus pandemic is actually a form of grief.

Freeman Health System Assistant Director of Pastoral Care Bill Cox says there are different kinds of grief and those different kinds all have stages to them.

During this pandemic people can experience all of the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, and then eventually acceptance.

Bill Cox, Freeman Health System Assistant Director of Pastoral Care, said, “The other thing I think is important for us to, is to find some sort of balance. On one hand we might think ‘I’m experiencing all these loses. I can’t see my grandmother Or my grandmother can’t see me. But at the same time we can identify some things like, well you know I have these normal things going on in my life. I can get up and go to work, or I don’t have the virus.”

Cox says finding that acceptance can be the first step in finding a balance and making an uncertain situation better.

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