Cyber security jobs in high demand

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JOPLIN, Mo. — With hacking attempts rising across the U.S. as jobs shift to working from home–cyber security jobs are in high demand.

Since the pandemic hit the U.S., many people are working from home. Which is convenient for employees who don’t have to worry about any commute. One drawback to that, it’s also convenient for hackers who are focusing much of their attention to breaking into the computer of those remote workers.

John Motazedi, C.E.O., SNC Squared, said, “But now if the bad guys get a foot hold on your home computer then they can just ride that security hold or security portal into your office and get access to your corporate computers.”

The cyber security industry was already facing a short fall of people before the pandemic. Now it’s getting even worse because they’ve had to focus their attention on keeping remote networks secure. Which means even more opportunity for area students wanting to get into the C.I.S. field.

Even before the pandemic hit, Missouri Southern C.I.S. graduates didn’t have any problem finding jobs. If anything, Professor William Pinet says there aren’t enough students graduating each year to meet the local demand.

Proff. William Pinet, MSSU Computer Information Science Department Head, said, “Leggett and Platt recruits here, Jack Henry comes up here and recruits, they have a career fair, we’ll have all the trucking companies are looking for our guys, so there’s definitely some competition, most of our students are working part time before they graduate.”

That’s one of the main reasons Trevor Sneed selected MSSU after meeting with computer information science program graduates.

Trevor Sneed, MSSU C.I.S. Major, said, “The C.I.S. field is very open, it has many different avenues you can go into, and Cyber Security is one that’s on a very high priority for many businesses and companies around the world.”

Pinet says there’s so much opportunity for students like Sneed, the only question is where does he want to go, stay close to his Southwest Missouri roots or companies in Kansas City, St. Louis or beyond.

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