Crawford County to limit public gatherings and access to business

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CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ks. — The Crawford County Commission approves an order limiting public gatherings and access to businesses.

The closures will not only affect residents, but business owners as well.

Jeremy Johnson, Crawford County Commissioner, “The order we enacted today at the recommendation of our health officer was to limit basically access to businesses by the public.”

The Crawford County Commission approved an order limiting public gatherings and access to businesses.

Rebecca Adamson, Crawford County Health Department Director, said, “It’s important to read the entire order because businesses are not having to completely close down. It’s just limiting access from the public. There are a few select businesses that will be closed others are just partially closed.”

Only essential businesses, like grocery stores, banks, gas stations, pharmacies, child care facilities and health care facilities can remain open.

“I had moved to put in a clause about essential government functions so that, you know, people having to pay their taxes, interact with local officials in whatever capacity through the city or county are still able to do those kind of things,” said Johnson.

Many businesses steps away from the court house had no idea their businesses would close in 24 hours.

Shelby Cannon, Co-Owner Pearls and Curls, said, “One thing we are grateful for is that we are able to offer online services for our customers so we’re still able to ship to them for the time being but we’re not able to have customers come in.”

Barber and beauty shops, gyms and libraries must shut down which affects a business just steps away from Cannon’s business.

“But for our connected building Share Expressions they had to completely shut down and are not able to have any customers or anything so that revenue is zero,” said Cannon

Commissioners also decided to ban public gatherings of more than ten people.

The order takes effect tomorrow at noon and lasts until further notice.

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