Covid-19 putting damper on a typically busy season for jewelers

Joplin Area Coronavirus

JOPLIN, Mo. — This time of year is typically busy for jewelers– but right now, it’s not so much.

KSN’s Lauren Johnson has more on how covid-19 is affecting the jewelry industry.

For many jewelers, Spring time marks engagement season.

But much like other industries, jewelers are starting to notice a change with their customers.

Brian Newton, President, Newton’s Jewelers, said, “Lack of customers in the store is an issue because we are not considered essential.”

Newton’s Jewelers in Joplin says they are doing their best to accommodate the customers that do need their help during this time.

“Proposals in Spring are typically 30 to 40 percent over the rest of the year. We will have them come in, sanitize everything and we’lll pull something out of the vault and work strictly out of the vault because we don’t put anything out during the day.”

And that means they have to get creative, like offering services online.

“We go through Shopify and our Facebook pages. We have to deliver, a sized, fixed up, steamed up and I’ll either deliver it or curbside service.”

While Newton’s Jewelers and other small businesses navigate through these uncertain times, newton says now is more important than ever to shop local.

“Every city has their local small businesses, and we have to have them. And we need to support them, shop local the best you can.”

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